Looking Great for a Date

Looking Good before Coffee

Real Beauty

The modern world has produced plenty of machines that appear miraculous, and a fresh cup of coffee in under sixty seconds is one of them. This blissful morning habit is the way many people today wake up, and their patience needs not be tried by waiting for a percolator. The simply add water and coffee, push a button or two, and the magic elixir of wakefulness appears in their cup. It is unfortunate that those in a long term relationship often stand by this machine instead of getting into the habit of brushing their hair so they are looking good before coffee with their special someone.

Habits are often maligned as bad, but they are ways for people to do things without thinking. For those who have a habit of picking up their dishes when they are done, it can be good. There are many bad habits people practice, but those can be broken. For those who have gotten into the habit of watching their coffee making machine in the morning, a change might just spark a better relationship with their partner.

Couples tend to be less than their best once they have a solid commitment, but those who take a bit of time to polish their looks before their morning beverage is done brewing might find life looking up. While they should be prepared to spend time primping before their weekly date, a surprise morning where they look fresh and ready for the world would be a nice surprise to spring on the one they love.

Appearing attractive outside the home is often a given, but there is really no reason to be less than the best when the doors are closed and the windows shaded. Taking just one minute in the morning to look a little bit better can be a great way to fan the flames of romance before the dating begins.