Looking Great for a Date

Good Looks from a Bottle

Real Beauty

For millennia, women have sought to find ways to maintain youthful looks through the decades, and many have chosen their hair as their primary feature. They have long opened bottles containing hair dye, and washed away the gray. Some of them have traded their natural hair color for another, and they seem to believe this makes their life better. Modern men have now learned they can achieve the same results, and hair dyes for them have come into their own and are a growing market.

Plenty of women have left their hair natural, but they have used bottles of make up to enhance other features. Liquid base or foundation make up is a popular way for women to cover up unbalanced skin tones and hide scars. They often see this as a way to look good without surgery, and they are usually successful. Their significant other or spouse may have a sudden shock the first time they appear without make up, but this will not necessarily derail the relationship.

Smooth skin, especially on a woman, is a must for attracting a mate. Many women have spent years rubbing creams and oils into their skin, and they believe it helps make them look younger as well as more attractive. Failure to moisturize their skin on a daily basis may result in premature aging, and few women want to look older. They believe men do not see the attraction of smile lines or wrinkles that tell a tale of experience.

A person who looks their best feels better, and this enhances their relationship with a partner. Those who fail to maintain good grooming habits are telling their partner they have quit, and this does not advance the relationship. In the end, it may force their partner to consider seeking a relationship with someone better equipped to handle longevity.